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Galexsa is a tool for investor performance analysis that provides a platform for trading analysis Providesinformation, technology and services related to various cryptocurrencies.


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Founded in 2021, Galexsa has become the first website to analyze the performance of traders. Its purpose is to improve the performance of investors. Because today's generation, like our past, cannot achieve its dreams by saving

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Cryptocurrency Demo Account

Here, traders can select from digital currencies to analyze the price chart, add indicators, draw lines and patterns and place buy and sell orders to enter a position.

Trader Analysis (AI)

Artificial intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. And he can be a good coach to strengthen your weaknesses.

Extensive Bitcoin Service

Bitcoin payment gateway for website and pos machine. Hardware wallet with fingerprint sensor

Positioning Bots Opportunity for personal transactions

You can adjust the bot according to your trading panel to find the closest trading opportunities with the help of artificial intelligence.

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